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When Francis Ford Coppola stumbled upon the Inglenook Estate in 1975, he didn't know that the property was one of the oldest in Napa. In 1880, Gustav Niebaum bought 78 acres of Inglenook, and 124 acres of neighbouring farmland for $44,000. He had originally wanted to buy a Chateau in Bordeaux, but when he married an American, he had to change where he was going to grow grapes.

By the time he died in 1980, he had achieved his aim, producing wines praised by many, but after the death of Niebaum's grand nephew, the property fell on hard times, and the Inglenook name was sold off, with some of the vineyards being sold off too. 

When Coppola bought the land, he made it his goal to restore the original estate, unifying the original plots and getting the Inglenook name back. After years of making wines under his own name, he finally linked the 'brand' Inglenook back with the land of the estate a couple of years ago.

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