With a variety of fine estates across the Dao region, the Lourenço family's primary estate is the Quinta dos Roques. Spearheading the resurgence of Dao wines, Quinta ds Roques won the prize for the best Portuguese red wine in the 2014 International Wine Challenge. They only plant varietals which are indigenous to the Dao, which is a refreshing change from the same dozen grapes which seem to dominant the wine-growing world. Additionally, the Lourenço family respects their land and refrains from using either pesticides or herbicides on their vineyards. With an altitude of over 600 metres, the wines from Quinta dos Roques exhibit a refreshing acidity which allow the Lourenço family to be a little more liberal in their pursuit of intensity and purity of fruit.

The second estate of the Lourenços, Quinta das Maias, offers a fresher, lighter expression of Dao wines. Purchased in 1997 by the family, Quinta das Maias is certified organic and produces wine that is absolutely gorgeous. The Maias flower, stemming from the Portuguese word for May, gives its name to this fabulous estate. Gentle, yet strong, this wine captures the spirit of its namesake; it is the perfect estuary between the grace of spring and the passion of summer.