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The theme of this week is Chardonnay. Seeing a bit of a resurgence, Chardonnay has been through the wars in recent years but it is still a fabulous grape that can show diversity as long as you approach it with an open mind.

Firstly - Champagne! Although there are other white grapes that can go into Champagne, Chardonnay is usually the one that is used. When a Champagne says Blanc de Blancs, it means it is only made out of white grapes and when from the Vertus region's Premiere Cru vineyards, it is always going to result in a fabulous fizz. Veuve Fourny's Brute Nature - a zero dosage, and therefore bone dry - has just hit the shelves and is fabulously dry, delicate and fresh. You have to try it.

Staying in France and moving to the Jura sees the oldest co-operative in France producing a stunning Chardonnay that is better than anything from Burgundy in its price. Talking of which, I praised Du Grappin's Fleurie last time, and this time it is their lovely Macon Villages - brightly flavoured with melon and delicate tropical fruit, it is perfect for a roast chicken dinner! 

America is known for its oak, and the Poppy Chardonnay has just got 90points from Decanter Magazine, and I love it. You get that buttery, oaky flavour that is love-it-or-hate-it, but any savoury dish with a creamy sauce works so well. And finally, a lovely cheapie from Sierra Grande in Chile - only £7.50 and offering a great daily drinker for Chardonnay buffs.

Hope you enjoy