Peter's Weekly Selection - w/c 2nd November 2015

A slight deviation from wine this week - I'm focusing on white spirits. Not the sort of thing that you clean paint brushes with, but vodka, gin, white rum - that sort of stuff. 

Gin is exceptionally popular - we are going through a gin craze at the moment and there are so many interesting variations on this spirit. Take for example our biggest seller - Tarquin's Dry Gin. Arguably one of the finest gins from the UK, it is made in Cornwall by Tarquin Leadbetter and is a stunning take on the London Dry style. Then we have Big Boss from Portugal - a dry style of gin, perfect for Martinis or drinking neat. Two lovely gins from Ferdinand's of Germany - their Saar Dry Gin, made with Riesling Spatlese wine, and their Quince gin - OK, so it is yellow, not white, but I think it still counts. And I couldn't miss out the lovely Rock Rose from Caithness in Scotland - stunning gin from so far north on the mainland that you can't go any further without getting your feet wet.

If Vodka is more your thing, you have to take a look at two potato vodkas from the UK. The pioneer in the UK was Chase Distillery - still a stunning vodka and has been named 'The best spirit in the world'. There is another producer doing fabulous work with spuds - Ogilvy. This is a Scottish potato vodka from Glamis and is a true family affair with everyone pulling together to make this lovely spirit.

If you fancy some stranger things, from Korea - Jinro. It is delicious - a vodka like drink made out of Tapioca, Sweet Potato and rice, and at 24% volume, it is very tasty ice cold and straight and from Greece, is Skinos - smelling like stuffed olive leaves, it has a wonderful sweet basil flavour. Finally, we had to include a tequila, and the Calle 23 is delicious. A wonderfully balanced white tequila, it is almost a shame to mix it!

Sold outChase Potato Vodka 70cl
It takes 16 tonnes of potatoes to make only 1000 litres of alcohol meaning that in every bottle there are a lot of potatoes in your glass when you drink this vodka but without the calories! This is essentially guilt...
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Sold outFerdinand's Quince Gin 50cl
A perfect balance of sweet, sour and bitter, this delicious Quince gin is made by Andreas Vallender from the Quince grown right next to the distillery. Make it into a martini, with a little of their bitters, and you are...
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Ferdinand's Saar Dry Gin 50cl
Infused with carefully hand-picked Riesling grapes from the steep shale slopes of the Zilliken estate on the grand Saarburger Rausch site make this gin an impressively unique tasting experience. It has delicious spicy aromas, some coriander and orange blossom, mixed...
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Sold outJinro Soju 35cl
The world's number 1 selling spirit brand! Made from sweet potato, tapioca and rice, think of this as a lower alcohol (24%) thicker textured vodka. Drunk with a light beer chaser, you can chill this down and drink it neat....
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Sold outRock Rose Gin 70cl
Scotland's most exciting new gin producers! The name comes from the cliffside botanicals that give this gin it's rose tinted flavour. An unusual and absolutely gorgeous gin.
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