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I visited this lovely family run company last year and it was wonderful to see a family run company where everyone was getting their hands dirty & making super wine. 

Michel Dietrich and his wife Isabelle originate from Champagne and Alsace and they spent a while in Australia making wine. Returning to France they saw an opportunity to make superb wine in the Cotes de Bordeaux, and focusing on quality whites. Now their daughter has taken over the running of the business an winemaking and Michel is 'retired'!
I had a lovely lunch in Michel and Isabelle Dietrich's house when I visited and tried their wines. Their focus is not a red wine, but a Bordeaux Blanc Sec, made from 70% Semillon and 30% Sauvignon Blanc. Their rosé kicks a lot of Provence pinks into the weeds, and their red, 55% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Cabernet Franc, is a superb daily drinker. 
These wines are delightful, the family are delightful and you should give them a shot.