To call this a 'substitute for Champagne' is doing Prosecco a disservice... and is just plain wrong! Made in a totally different way and usually with a little bit of sweetness allowing for a softer style of wine.

I once spoke to a Prosecco producer who said "Nobody makes finer wines than in Champagne, but you can only enjoy one glass of Champagne, you can enjoy a whole bottle of Prosecco!"*

*please note that due to licensing laws I am not allowed to promote drinking a whole bottle of anything!

La Jara Organic Prosecco Frizzante 75cl
This is the "Prosecco of the Year" according to Matthew Jukes in the Daily Mail. While we don't agree with the Daily Mail about a lot of things, this I certainly do! Jukes says 'This is my favourite Prosecco and it's...
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