Located in the Vinho Verde region, Quinta da Raza is unusual in that its soils are primarily granitic with patches of schist and clay. The estate went through a restructuring in the 90's; they moved away from the fertile valley and mass-production to the slopes which produce grapes that are more concentrated and intense. Since then, a new cellar has been built and modern machinery has been brought into the process.

All the changes certainly have not gone unnoticed, consistently winning awards from the Viticulture Association of the Vinho Verde Region and the International Fair of Galiza. Many of Quinta da Raza's wines demonstrate the classic petiance that one expects from a vinho verde wine. This freshness and 'zippiness' plays well with the light, clean fruitiness that characterises their range. For those new to the style, or for the ardent vinho verdean, Quinta da Raza is a must-try.