From an old and forgotten valley with old bush vines growing on granite soils.  The Itata region lies around 500kms away from Santiago, and in the 1500s it was realised that this area was perfect for growing grapes.  The problem was getting the wine to the people, and when the ability to irrigate the land improved in the 1800s, vineyards were established much nearer the centres of population and Itata fell out of favour.

The Rogue Vine project was set up by two friends, Leonardo Erazo Lynch and Justin Decker who hunt out great grapes from the steep hills of Itata and transform them into small batches of wines.  They do something different and rather than making a wine that expresses the land, they find the land that will allow them to make the wines that they want to make.  They find the micro climate with the right grapes in it and harvest those grapes for their wine, working with different farmers in different parts of this ancient region.

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