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Ed Schild's father, Ben, started a small farm, including a vineyard, in Rowland Flat in the early 1950's, and at the age of 16, when his father passed away, Ed took over the estate.  Since 1956, he increased the amount of land under vine, even though the Barossa was going through horrifically depressed periods.  Even during the 1980s when everyone was pulling up vines, Ed held out, resulting in over 450 acres of land being managed by the family.

They have a large patch of their land planted with 160 year old shiraz vines, and although this company has nearly been producing wine for sixty years, it wasn't until 2010 that they opened a winery on site, with chief winemaker Scott Hazeldine holding the reins who works with Alex MacClelland (production winemaker).  

Even though the winemakers aren't family (by blood), the company is still a family affair with his children running the business. Ed's daughters deal with the financial and export side of the business and his son Mick is the viticulturalist.  And what is Ed doing?  He is enjoying his mid seventies by pottering around Australia with his wife Lorraine in their caravan.