The famous Schloss Johannisberg has long enjoyed a reputation as being one of the finest Riesling producers in the world. The earliest mentions of wine production at the Johannisberg dates back to 817 when Louis the Pious, a Carolingian emperor, mentioned the vineyards in an official document. In 1720, the vineyards at Johannisberg were planted exclusively with Riesling, the first vineyard in the world to do so. To conclude this Teutonic history lesson, Schloss Johannisberg is credited with inventing the sweet style of Riesling, Spatlese. in 1775, the courier who delivered the official documents to begin the harvests was delayed on his route to Johannisberg. The grapes continued to ripen while the winemakers waited for the royal courier, thus increasing the sugar levels of the grapes and giving us the delicious, sweet Riesling hits the sweet spot between acidity, minerality, and sweetness.