Sean Thackrey


An antique book dealer turned winemaker, Sean Thackrey strikes me as a man who may have a problem with the US Government as he appears to like shunning convention and doing things differently. His winery is in his back yard underneath a eucalyptus tree, and he is so determined to make his own style of wines, not what people think he should make.

I've loved his Pleiades for a long time now - it doesn't have a vintage, with Roman numerals determining what edition the wine is, and is a Pinot Noir dominant blend with Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, Sangiovese and others put in too. Now onto the 23rd edition, it was joined by a white equivalent which is now on its second. We will get in his other wines from time to time, but I think these two represent Sean the best.

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Sold outSean Thackrey La Pleiade II 75cl
"Hipster alert! Slightly high-toned aromas of yellow apple, dried fruits, nuts and spices. Dry and chewy in the mouth, with a pronounced phenolic character to the flavours of pear skin, cyanic peach pit, green almond and bitter herbs. Suggests a...
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Sold outSean Thackrey Pleiades XXVIII 75cl
The object of Pleiades Old Vines is to be delicious, de- light the jaded, irritate the Wine Police, and go well with anything red wine goes well with. This edition is dominated by Pinot Noir along with Sangiovese, Viognier, Mourve
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