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So much more than Rioja, not that Rioja isn't lovely, but there is a lot to this country outside of the northern region.  Ribera del Duero is certainly up there competing with Rioja as the quality red wine region of Spain but it is the white wines that I think are offering the most exciting wines.  Albarino in Rias Baixas, Treixadura in Ribeiro and Verdejo in Rueda are stunning examples and of course, you have white Rioja that is transforming from a heavily oaked style of the past to a vibrant fruity style.

My favourite producers

Alma Das Donas | Bodegas Borsao | Bodegas Barrada | Inedito | Armas de GuerraCan Rafols dels Caus | Bodegas Rafael Cambra | Dominio de Punctum | Toro Albala | Joan d'Anguera | Juan Antonio Ponce | Quinta Milu | Bodegas Senorio Arana | Vina Zorzal | Neleman