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The St Andrews Whisky Company is the brainchild of Peter Wood, founder of the St Andrews Wine Company. He saw several companies who were not based in his home town capitalise on the international reputation of St Andrews, and more often than not, they were, at best, a mediocre drink. He wanted to offer a range of whiskies where the quality of the liquid in the bottle was the only important thing, and the 'branding' was simple and elegant, without a reference to golf!

Peter Wood has worked in wine and whisky merchants in the town of St Andrews since 2001, and established the wine company in 2012. He is the longest serving whisky merchant in the town, and has established himself as a prolific taster and it is this skill that is being used to make sure that the malts with these labels are delicious.

The initial series of single malts will focus on showing the diversity of styles of whisky that Scotland has to offer. Unrestrained from the confines of a single distillery, Peter will hunt out malt whiskies from all over the country, bringing them to the market under the St Andrews Whisky Company branding. Where possible, he will name the distillery, but with some malts, this is not possible to do. Suffice to say that if it bears the St Andrews branding, you have his guarantee that the malt is of superb quality.