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Antonio Tessari decided that being part of the local cooperative wasn't really worth it anymore and in 1933 withdrew his company from it.  He decided to create "the place and the tools" to make wine.  

Digging with his bare hands he built a cellar under the family house, where he put two barrels, and then the following year, two concrete tanks.  Everything was hands (or rather feet) on.  With five daughters and one son, Aldo, everyone helped out.  They didn't have anything else to help them make wine, not even a tractor to take the grapes to the winery, that was done on the back of his children!

Aldo, as the only boy, helped his father in the vineyards, but also helped him improve the company.  They bought their first fields together, and then in 1964 Aldo married Bianca Dal Bosco, and she started working in the company as well.  They had children and their two sons, Antonio and Germano, have joined the company with Germano looking after the vines and Antonio making the wine.  The final family addition is Cornelia Tessari who is now in charge of the marketing of the company.