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There are a few products that are used in the production of wine that you need to be aware of should you be allergic to them or are vegetarian or vegan. Click the links below to see our range.

Vegetarian Products - Vegan Products

Information on Allergins

Milk & Eggs Milk and egg whites can be used to filter wine or remove tannin. These may be used in the production of vegetarian wines, but vegan wines will not contain them. 

Isinglass This is made from fish swim bladders and is used to fine wine. This will not be used in either vegetarian or vegan wines.

Nuts Sometimes winemakers will add tannin to a wine, and this may be derived from nuts.

Sulphites 'Sulphites' is a term for sulphur dioxide (SO2) which is a preservative widely used in winemaking but is also a natural by product of the yeast metabolism during fermentation. Therefore, even a wine that has not had SO2 added can still contain sulphates.

Am I allergic to sulphites? Well we aren't doctors, so we'd suggest that you visit one. However, if you eat any of these foods and are fine, it is unlikely you are allergic to sulphites as they contain far more SO2 than wine does: dried fruits, fruit yoghurts, bottled lemon juice, fruit juices and jams. Also breads and food items containing vinegar such as mayonnaise, pickles or sauces, processed potatoes, potato starches, anything containing stock cubes or dried onions, dried mushrooms or dried garlic.

The main symptoms of sulphite allergy include wheezing, shortness of breath, nausea, stomach cramps, low blood pressure, tingling sensations, shock and loss of consciousness - very rarely a headache.

So what am I allergic to? The likelihood is that you are allergic to Amines. These are formed by the breakdown of proteins in food and if you are allergic, these can cause sever headaches. Wine can contain higher concentrations of these than foods like cheese (particularly aged), horseradish, chocolate and fish.

ALL allergen advice given on this website is based on the information given to us by our suppliers and producers. We advise that you independently research each product fully yourself before you purchase from this website to protect yourself from consuming a product you do not wish or are allergic to.  By purchasing wines from St Andrews Wine Company, you acknowledge that St Andrews Wine Company Ltd and any of its affiliated companies are not liable for any allergic reaction and/or consumption of a product that goes against any lifestyle or dietary choice.