Tasting wine on Facebook? How does that work?

Simple really. 

  • We arrange a date and time when the winemaker will broadcast a tasting live on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/standrewswine). We will also broadcast it live on this website for those of you not on Facebook
  • You purchase the wine tasting pack containing the wines and we'll ship it to you.
  • Invite a bunch of friends over (or don't!)
  • Taste the wines alongside the winemaker, asking questions and letting them know what you think of the wines
  • After the tasting, you have a bunch of wines to drink with your friends, so why not make an evening of it and have dinner together!


Our next tasting is with winemaker Dale Clarke from Maison Williams Chase. He'll be going live at 7pm on Wednesday 19th July 2017 and you'll get to try a red, white and rosé from this Provencal producer.