Tasting in your home  We are happy to come to your home and conduct wine, whisky, spirits or beer tastings for very competitive rates. It can be as fun or as serious as you like – we’ve done outdoor gin tastings for a wedding, wine quiz evenings (with tasting!), whisky tastings for golfing parties, cheese and wine pairings, chocolate and dessert wine events and Champagne tastings for a hen night.  Anything is possible, just ask!

Charity Tastings  Tastings are a great way of raising money for charity.  We'll arrange everything from wine to glassware, you just need to sell the tickets!  

Corporate Tastings  We have done tastings with companies both large and small.  A tasting is a great way of entertaining customers, rewarding staff and being part of a team building exercise.

Regardless of what sort of tasting you require, please email peter@standrewswinecompany.com to enquire further.