"Everything I saw in your shop on Wednesday and have since seen on your videos and website, epitomizes the way an independent wine retailer ought to be." L.B.

"Simply the best in Fife. Peter has an excellent selection, is always prepared with ideas for drinks parties, dinner parties and those special one of kind memorable gifts. We are sorry our son is graduating. And we are grateful we had Peter to call on for all our needs. We will visit again and again. Thank you Peter for your fantastic customer service and personalized care."  Tarleton H. Watkins

"not the biggest shop, but the best" D.P.

"St Andrews Wine Co. don't try to sell you wine, they are so passionate you want to buy from them" Kate

"great selection of Burgundy" R.B. 

"The best place to find exactly what you needed and didn't even know you wanted." Tommy Rowe

"Peter obviously knows what he's talking about"  Simon Mayo, BBC Radio 2

"Still my favourite wine shop IN THE WORLD"  Dave Woodford

"Fantastic shop. The customer assistance is second to none. Excellent selection of wines, having a wide range well priced and of very high quality. I'll be returning here each time I come back to St Andrews!"  Bob Larking

"Always great knowledge and fantastic pricing too"  Stuart Foulkes

"Excellent beer selection"  Gary Main

"I haven't actually been to the shop as I live miles away in Oxfordshire but I have purchased a fair few wines online. I've really rated every single wine I've had and have tried various grapes, regions and price ranges. Have spoken to the owner Peter Wood a few times on the phone and via email and he's always been helpful and full of good recommendations. Would highly recommend using St Andrews as the wines are good quality, I like the idea of small producers, the range is interesting and varied and Peter knows his stuff and comes across as a top guy." John Wilkes

"Such a lovely shop. You can always rely on a good recommendation." Simon Tardivel