We want you to try the fabulous products we have in store, and are staunch believers in free tastings.  Why should a retailer charge you to promote his wines, beers and spirits as that is essentially what he is doing if he charges you for a tasting!  We'll only charge for tastings in the most extreme circumstances or when we are doing something really special.



Summer time ends, sherry time begins



To celebrate the end of British Summer Time, we are hosting a weekend of sherry in assi 






Regular Free Events

Open Bottle Policy

We will always have something open in the shop for you to taste - regardless of when you pop by to see us.  Sometimes it will be wines we don't stock and are seeing if we want to have them on our shelves, other times it will be some of our favourites - you really never know what will be open until you come in.

George's Saturday Night Beer Tasting

Every Saturday night, resident beer expert Kirsty Graham will guide you through a selection of beers.  Come in any time after 6pm.  OK, so we know that Kirsty isn't called George, but we kept the name in honour of our former beer buff, George Flickinger who started the whole thing.

Sunday Lunch

Every sunday we'll be showcasing a wine and food pairing for the six hours the shop is open (Noon - 6pm).  We'll be working with local food businesses to show their products and have so far worked with companies such as Rocca Deli, Cottage Kitchen and Barnett's Bakery

Nine-thirty Nightcap

Why not pop by the shop between 9.30 and 10.00pm for a nightcap.  Every night we'll have a spirit open for you to try, just before we close.