We love the students in St Andrews, and here are a few of the services we provide for both students and the parents of students, during the time you stay in St Andrews.

Free Delivery
We are happy to deliver wine to your hall of residence or flat and we don’t charge a delivery fee. This could be a gift for your son or daughter’s birthday, or it could be because you can’t be bothered coming into town and would like some wine delivered! Either way, we’ll take the wine to the student! We can also get wine to you same day between 5pm and when the shop shuts, but there would be a £5 delivery charge for this as it would be delivered by taxi.

In store credit

We can set the student up with an account that relatives can place an amount of money onto so they can come in and spend it when they want to. It is an ideal gifting solution for relatives who might not know the tastes of the student yet want to give them wine or spirits as a present.


We do discounts for members of various societies. The societies we support change each year so ask in store for further information.

Wine Tastings

If you fancy doing a tasting for a group of friends or a society you are involved in, we can help you with that. A good guide to use for numbers of people is to work in multiples of ten as you get the best value for money by doing so.

Dinner Party Wine Lists

Dinner parties are a big thing in the lives of students in St Andrews. If you are having a dinner party and want your guests to bring wine, we’ll help you pair the wine to the food, and hold a list of suggestions behind the counter so your guests can buy wine that will go perfectly with your dinner. We’ll give you options at various price points so your guest can bring the perfect wine regardless of their budget. This is a free service we provide.

Sending wine all over the UK

Have you forgotten your mother or father’s birthday? We can get wine or spirits to nearly all of the UK next working day (if you order before noon) so we can get you out of a jam if you’ve forgotten to get a gift for someone.


Your last requirement for wine during your time in St Andrews is your graduation week. We can provide anything you need, wines for dinners, fizz for celebrations or what about our Morris Minor mobile bar for your garden party?

We can arrange everything well in advance of graduation, so all you need to do is tell us when and where to deliver it – meaning you can spend more time enjoying your last week in town. 

When you leave St Andrews

Once you have graduated, we can still be part of your life! We’re happy to ship wine to you anywhere in the UK, so have a chat with us before you leave town.

Also remember that St Andrews is the matchmaking university in the UK, with a large number of students meeting their husband or wife here. It means that it is almost guaranteed that you will be back in town at somepoint, either as a guest or as the one getting married. We do a 10% discount on wine for any former St Andrews Student who uses us for their wedding wines, and for guests, we can arrange any drinks you might need for during the time you are here to be delivered to wherever you are staying.