Having a wedding gift list is quite common now, but often you fill it with things that you don't really need, nor want.  Useful as though a £25 John Lewis tin opener may be, it isn't really going to remind you of your happiest day, nor is it particularly enjoyable to use.

Why not create your own Wedding Wine Gift List?

We will discuss which wines you both like and put together a list that reflects your tastes; remember you don't have to just have every day drinking wine, you can include fine wine, spirits and beer in there as well.  If you choose a product we only have limited stock of, we'll also reserve that stock for you until your list has closed.

We will email you the wine list so you can send this out to your guests, including a link to your list online where your friends and family can purchase the gifts for you.  They can also include a message which we will then put a small label on each bottle, so when you drink it you know who gifted it to you.

To see a small example of a wedding list list, please click here

Once we have closed the list, and you have come back from your honeymoon, we'll arrange to deliver this to you and then all you have to do is enjoy the wine!

To discuss setting up a Wedding Wine Gift List, just get in touch by phone or by emailing peter@standrewswinecompany.com