Adega de Moncao Vinho Verde Escholha 2022 75cl


Tasting Note


Founded in 1958 by 25 grape growers, Adega de Monção is responsible for around half of all the Alvarinho grown in this region (where it can be reasonably claimed to be the home of this grape). With the demarcated area for Vinho Verde DOC filling the top left hand corner of the map of Portugal, the total area is enornous, stretching down from the Spanish border to be even further south than the Douro river. Monção lies on the most northerly right side of the country, right on the border with Spain, there is less of an Atlantic influence here and the summers are hotter and drier than in areas further down the coast. This results in Alvarinho thriving and the Vinho Verdes here have a bit more weight and ripeness and a bit less acidity.

Country: Portugal | Region: Vinho Verde | Alcohol: TBC | Grapes: Alvarinho, Trajadura