Antonio Vallana e Figlio Campi Raudii NV 75cl


Tasting Note

The Campi Raudii label epitomises the proliferation of old vineyard names which existed in their grandfather’s time, now buried under strict labelling bureaucracy. ‘Campi Raudii’ is one of the ancient Latin names for Alto Piemonte, which roughly translates as ‘red fields’ referring to the colour of the volcanic soils. It is fermented and matured in concrete vats and is intended as a young, approachable expression of Nebbiolo, with the softening and spicey contribution from the addition of Vespolina. It is less overtly tannic that the classic DOC and DOCG expressions.


The name itself Antonio Vallana e Figlio evokes the family’s long and honourable history, based in the heart of the region, in Maggiora and their website proudly proclaims 5 generations in wine. The fifth and current generation is represented by Marina and Francis Fogarty, sister and brother, who have fully taken charge of the winemaking and running of the family estate over the last 10 years. Marina describes things as “in one way nothing has changed, and we are very faithful to our legacy of traditional wines from the region” for which they have many long-standing customers. However, they are both keen to see a progression and combine modernity with tradition.

Country: Italy | Region: Piedmont | Alcohol: 13% | Grapes: Nebbiolo, Vespolina