Araldica Chardonnay 75cl


Tasting Note

"An orchard of fruit, if orchards also had grapefruit and lime in them as well as apples! Almonds and a peach note on the palate."


Founded in 1954 by Livio Manera, the father of the current Managing Director and winemaker Claudio Manera, Piedmonte's most forward-thinking co-operative, Araldica, work with 230 grower members to source quality grapes from around 690 hectared of vineyards. Many members joined the co-operative in the 1950s and have had a long and loyal relationship with the winery. The company has developed over the last 60+ years to become a major winemaking force, supplying wines acrosse the globe. 

Claudio's wife, Lella, is responsible for the blending and approval of all wines and their some Carlo, also a qualified winemaker, is now part of the Araldica winemaking team. Claudio states their aim is "to provide a range that is both understandable and accessible. Quite simply, wine for drinking and enjoying".

Araldica's 140 associates have obtained the SQNPI (National Quality System of Integrated Crop Management) and those wines and vintages that are now fully compatible with the system have a bee symbol on the label, guarenteeing that each phase of production has complied with the strict paramenters of integrated crop management. They are also now developing a programme of organic viticulture.

Country: Italy | Region: Piedmonte | Alcohol: TBC | Grapes: Chardonnay | Vegetarian | Vegan