Barao de Vilar LBV 2017 75cl


Tasting Note

This superb Barão de Vilar LBV 2012 is a blend of full, rich and fruity wines of a single year which has been specially chosen for ageing from 4 to 6 years in oak casks prior to bottling. The grapes were foot trodden in granite lagares and stored in large oak vats called tonels. The special characteristics of this LBV are its richness, depth of flavour and powerful, attractive bouquet.


Run by the Van Zeller family, who have connections to the wine business dating back to the beginning of the 17th century, being the largest wine traders registered at that time. The family have had an uninterripted series of 14 consecutive generations who have all been, and still are to this day, devoted to Port and Douro wine trade.

Country: Portugal | Region: Douro | Alcohol: 20% | Grapes: Port Blend | Vegetarian