Douglas Laing Blair Athol Premier Barrel 2013 8 Year Old 70cl


Tasting Note: Orchard fruits galore with a delicious Mars Bar nougat coming through on the palate.

Producer: Premier Barrel’s distinctively different and charmingly characterful ceramic decanter carries Single Cask Single Malts from throughout Scotland. As we like to say - Premier Barrel is the epicurean, efficacious, evocative and elegant epitome of the finest and frankly foremost Single Cask Single Malts, prodigiously provisioned to purveyors of probity for an absolute appreciation in abundance. Packed with extraordinary flavour, our Exceptional Single Cask Whiskies exemplify our 'As Natural As It Gets' Philosophy by serving a rich reward for those looking to savour a dram straight from the cask.

Country: Scotland | Region: Highland | Alcohol: 46%