Bonne Nouvelle 2005 75cl


Tasting Note

This was a project from travelling winemaker Michel Rolland in the early noughties, that never got sold and ended up in a chateau in France! Big, powerful, jammy and full, this wine is classic Rolland winemaking that has had a decade to soften and is a fabulous wine. Just beware, the corks are REALLY jammed in there!


In 2001, Michel and Dany Rolland decided to create a Bordeaux style cuvee in the Stellenbosch terroir, with the purpose of producing the best possible quality by applying accurate and respectful cultural methods of the outstanding environment.

This wine is produced on the Property of Remhoogte Estate, a historic domain of the famous wine region that was established in 1812, which is situated on the Simonsberg Hills. This vineyard is looked after by seven families who live on the property, and here everything is "hand-made", even the treading of the grapes in order to obtain the softest possible extraction.

This terroir benefits from ideal conditions for the production of red wines and is also a great site to be able to see the Table Mountain of Cape Town in the skyline along with some antelopes and zebras!

Michel Rolland has chosen to create this wine in the Bordeaux style method, however he includes a significant proportion of Pinotage, paying homage to the country in which he produces the wine. The wine is described as "the soul of a Grand Cru Bordelais and the identity of its country".

Country: South Africa | Region: Stellenbosch | Alcohol: 15% | Grapes: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage