Bresca Dorada Limoncino di Muravera 50cl


Tasting Note

Lemoncello in the south, Limoncino in the north. Thats it really!


The story of Bresca Dorada began in the 80s in the Muravera countryside in south-eastern Sardinia. A student and an unemployed friend, Enrico Deiana and Paolo Melis decided to take up beekeeping together, both being keen on the countryside and bees.

They found 7 hectares of land, scented with the Mediterranean maquis and had no doubt in their mind, this was the ideal place for their future, and this is where the headquarters is still located. 

The company name comes from two Sardinian words: Bresca, meaning honeycomb, and Dorafa, meaning golden, the colour of honey.

Every process and transformation has the task of increasing and preserving the natural value of this territory, celebrated and loved for being rich in contrasts, and the company's relationship with the land is strong. They value themselves as being above anything, custodians. 

Each product is a true project, based on the work in symbiosis with the land without any destructive practices. They aim to provide the customer not only with the flavours and colours that they may expect, but also with the experience of the land where they live or may have had unforgettable holidays. 

Country: Italy | Region: Sardinia | Alcohol: TBC | Organic | Vegetarian | Vegan