Calder Wine Co Petite Sirah 2016 75cl


Tasting Note

"Plentifully inky with some chew, but certainly smooth – dark chocolate dipped crystallised orange, coffee beans, clove, blueberries, red currants and violet aromas. A wine laden with rich generosity."


Rory Williams of Calder Wine Company comes from true wine royalty. His father is the owner-winemaker of Frogs Leap, whilst his mother founded Tres Sabores. When not working in the vineyards at Frogs Leap, Rory makes a small quantity of wine under his own label, Calder, using cultivars that have a long history in the place where he was born, honouring the sites, his winemaking idols, and what makes Napa, Napa. Rory wants his wines to relay the history and tradition of this extraordinary region. Having seen the success at both estates with organic and dry land farming, Rory sought out parcels of vines that tick these boxes, as well as the several having the advantage of age.

Country: USA | Region: Rutherford, California | Alcohol: TBC | Grapes: Petite Sirah