Chateau Guillaumette 2019 75cl


Tasting Note

Produced from organic grapes, this lightly structured wine is full of black currant fruitiness. With a touch of spice from wood aging, it's soft and easy to drink now


This family owned wine estate in Entre-deux-Mers, Gironde, has been harvesting grapes since 8th September 1895 and vinifying on site in the East Cellar. During the war, wine production stoppped, however with the end of the Second World War came the inheritance of this area for Antoine Artigue Jr, returning from his 7 years spent away from home. Antoine decided to use the land to develop viticulture and increase the quality of wine production, reviving what had been heavily affected over the previous 4 years having been occupied.

The estate was later taken over by Antoine's son, Bernard, who continued to develop viticulture but indroduced new equipment into the process and also was responsible for the contruction of the winery that stands there today.

Today, the next generation has taken over, Antoine and Alexandre. This 4th generation has developed organic farming onto the estate as well as developing tillage and the production of parcel cuvees. 

Country: France | Region: Entre-deux-Mers, Bordeaux | Alcohol: 14% | Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot | Organic | Family Owned