Didier Herbert DH2 Pinot Noir 75cl


Tasting Note

Amazing perfumed nose full of blueberry, sea salt and blackcurrant. The entrance is very elegant followed by sweet toffee, salt and a creamy mid palate. Then the fruit hits – generous, full and round. There's a lovely mousse and a smokey rich mid to late. After a few days this wine truly shows its pedigree, becoming  incredibly concentrated, rich and complex. There is such a beauty to the delivery – both singular and hugely complex and layered.


Working with 30 parcels in 5 villages including Rilly la Montagne, Ludes, Verzenay and Mailly, Didier creates wines with incredible structure, complexity and an engaging character.

Country: France | Region: Montagne de Reims, Champagne | Alcohol: 12% | Grapes: Pinot Noir