Diwald Luft & Liebe Zweigelt 2017 75cl


"Luft & Liebe means Air & Love. These are the ingredients for this wine. Every Zweigelt bunch cut in half in July to get loose bunches which can ripen fully. Fermented on Skins for 10 days and then straight in super old, 30+ years, acacia barrels. No Filtration, no fining and just a Minimum of Sulfur added before bottling." 

The Diwalds have been pioneers of organic viticulture in Austria since 1980, and now second generation winemaker Martin is at the reins. He prefers to interfere as little as possible in the cellar, deploying intuition, patience, humility and a top-notch T-shirt collection while farming a series of vineyard plots around the village of Grossriedenthal in Wagram. According to Martin, his ambition is to make “cheerful wines, in which the zest of the region and the philosophy of the vintner are united”. These are cutting edge wines made by one of Austria’s brightest young talents.

Family Owned - Organic - Vegan - Vegetarian - Low Sulphur