Domaine Bernard Defaix Chablis 2021 75cl


Tasting Note

This wine has a lovely minerality with soft citrus hints and a long, grapefruit led finish.


Now a fourth generation company of vine-growers, Bernard Defaix started with 2 ha in 1959. Since the discovery of a method to protect the vineyard against spring frost, the vine-growers have been able to make sure to have a minimum harvest every year and develop stable trade markets. 

For the last twenty years or so Bernard's two sons have been managing the domain: Sylvain is in charge of the vinification, the ageing, the bottling and the preparation of orders; Didier takes care of the vineyard and the general management of the domain; and Didier's wife, Helene, looks after the administration and the commercial side. 

For many years, they have moved towards a sustainable and more ecological farming approach, with organic farming being the logical result all this work. With many different methods on both the soils and the plants themselves, they are moving closer and closer to the working situation of their grandparents and then of their parents when they started, however, they have two advantages: firstly, much higher-performance material for working the soils as well as for spraying, and secondly, they have forecasting tools  for the weather and for the pressure of diseases that were not available for previous generations.

Country: France | Region: Chablis, Burgundy | Alcohol: TBC | Grapes: Chardonnay | Family Producer