Domaine les Bastides Vin Cuit Provencal NV 75cl


Tasting Note

Brace yourself - this is a weird one. It is cooked! Grapes are picked, pressed and put into a couldron, heated with gas to 95 degrees, until it is reduced by 25%. Then cooled, it ferments naturally, and has 200g/l residual sugar. It is sweet, with white chocolate and hints of organce. Very light and fresh, and very very delicious!


Jean and Ann-Marie Salen purchased ‘Les Bastides’ in 1967, even if the creation of the domaine viticole had to wait until 1976, when Jean elected to pull out of the local Puy-Ste-Réparade co-operative. The couple have three daughters, and it was Carole, who joined her father in 1987 and is today responsible for the running of the domaine. The estate was certified organic from the start and one of the earliest examples of bio in the region.

Country: France | Region: Provence | Alcohol: TBC | Grapes: Grenache | Organic | Family Producer