Domaine Michel Bedouet Les Mus K De Muscadet 2020 75cl


Tasting Note

Natural fermentation and matured on its fine lees, the wine is bottled without sulphur. With the absence of sulphur the wine is expressive with ripe yet discreet orchard fruit and citrus.


Michel Bedouet is the producer of some of the best Muscader Sevre et Maine. This endevour began with Henri Bedouet, a cooper and sharecropper born in 1899, with his wife Agathe. Their son, Henri (born 1931) started as a sharecropper as well and then became a farmer (in the vineyards). 

Michel (born 1960) bought the vineyard in 1990 and continued this journey and in 2010 he began to convert the vineyard to organic farming and harvested his first organic grapes in 2013. He is the soul of the estate, bringing his great know-how as a winemaker and winegrower as well as continuity from his ancestors to his children.

Michel's son, Antonin, joined the estate in 2015, bringing his mechanical and cultural expertise to the team, as well as his desire for precide and meticulous work.

The philosophy that the estate runs by is to produce real wines with beautiful minerality; wines that are really alive. Wines that show a true expression of the terroir, from nose to palate. Organic farming, eliminating all synthetic chemicals and managing the estate based on the life of the land and the vine, is the foundation and the guarantor of their authenticity expressed in the wines.

Country: France | Region: Loire | Alcohol: 12% | Grapes: Melon de Bourgogne | Organic