Domaine Robert Gibourg Morey-Saint-Denis Clos de la Bidaude 2017 75cl


Tasting Note

Well textured and quite weighty Burgundy with concentrated aromas of red and black fruits underpinned by hints of cloves. Beautifully balanced tannins on the palate are enveloped by a lovely freshness of Pinot Noir fruit.


Clos de la Bidaude is a ‘Monopole’ single vineyard owned by Domaine Robert Gibourgin Morey-Saint-Denis, which borders the Grand Cru appellation of Clos des Lambrays. Domaine Robert Gibourg cultivates his vines according to “la lutte raisonnée”, using sustainable agricultural methods and reducing the amount of chemicals in order to respect the land and its environment. Pesticides and herbicides are not used in the cultivation of the vines; instead, a regular tilling is performed to remove weeds and maintain the health of the soil. The soils are made up of chalk and clay and impart finesse and elegance to the wines. The grapes are harvested by hand at optimum maturity.

Country: France | Region: Morey-Saint-Denis, Burgundy | Alcohol: 13% | Grapes: Pinot Noir | Vegetarian | Vegan