Domaine Chauveau Pouilly-Fume 'La Charmette' 2022 75cl


Tasting Note

With more awards than Usain Bolt, this fabulous Pouilly Fume kicks the backside of most wines that come its way. Perfectly balanced, nice smokenotes and a lot of citrus, just open it and pour.


Historically the Chauveau fmaily have owned vineyards since the 19th century but mixed farming had remained dominante until Benoit Chauveau took over both his parents' vineyards in 1995 and his grandparents' vineyards in 1997 to create an exclusively wine-oriented estate. Benoit dedicated himself to the cultivation of the vine and the wine making, whilst his wife, Emmanuelle, managed the administrative and commercial aspects of the business. In 2021, they were joined in the business by their daughter, Lise, specialised in agricultural engineering and oenology. 

Country: France | Region: Pouilly Fume, Loire | Alcohol: 14% | Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc