Domaine des Hauts Pemions Muscadet de Sevre et Main sur lie 2017 37.5cl


Tasting Note

"A lovely Muscadet - minerally, soft citrus and just wonderfully balanced and perfect to go with shellfish"


I'm so pleased to get Christophe Drouard's Muscadet Sevre et Maine in. Every vintage it wins at the Paris competition and is he is the most respected Muscadet producer. He owns 16 hectares with an average age of 40 years situated around the commune of Monnières. Under a new legislation most of their vineyards will become “Grand Cru”. The wine is vinified at 21° in underground glass lined vats. There is no malolactic fermentation, and the wine rests on its lees throughout the winter. The wine is not fined and just receives a light filtration prior to bottling.

Country: France | Region: Loire | Alcohol: TBC | Grapes: Melon de Bourgogne | Vegetarian | Vegan