Domaine de Vedilhan Sauvignon Blanc 2020 75cl


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A wonderfully sunny style of Sauvignon Blanc, broad and quite tropical with delicate smokey notes, ripe citrus acidity and a richly-textured finish.

Domaine de Vedilhan (pronounced 'Domaine de Ved-ee-ohn') is the estate of the Fayet family, based in the village of Moussan close to Narbonne. Uniquely, a brook runs around the estate which provides much-needed water in this very hot climate, giving the wines their freshness and appeal. Vines are managed using the 'lutte raisonnée' method and terroir is a combination of limestone, sand and sea shale, meaning the vines dig deep for their nutrients and thus produce excellent quality grapes.

Family Owned - Vegan - Vegetarian