Dr Ulrich's Vermouth di Tornino Rosso 75cl


Tasting Note

Make the most authentic Negroni with this proper Italian Vermouth.


The Ulrich company was established back in 1854 by botanist Domenico Ulrich and was one of the first in Italy to specialise in processing aromatic herbs on an industrial scale. It uses only Piedmont and Italian-grown raw materials and after careful research and a detailed recovery of ancient recipes, Distelleria Marolo gave this brand a new life from 2016.

All of Marolo's Vermouth labels comply to the specific disciplinary standard that was made official in 2017 for Vermouth di Torino, which distinguishes and creates value for the distinct qualitative and taste profile of the drink. Many cases of Marolo's Vermouth actually extend beyond these rules by remaining to the principles set out in the original recipe that was formulated by Domenico Ulrich in 1854.

Country: Italy | Region: Piedmont | Alcohol: TBC | Grapes: Cortese