Guerrieri Rizzardi 3 Cru Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2018 75cl

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Tasting Note

"Opens up beautifully with ripe and pronounced notes of raspberries and cherry fruit. The elegant and sensual palate boasts juicy tannins, complex spices and a long, fresh aftertaste. Stunning. 95pts Decanter Magazine. 'Best Amarone' Decanter World Wine Awards.


Having established the vineyards in Valpolicella in 1649, the Rizzardi family bottled their first wines in 1678. Whist having remained a family owned and family run company, the estate has since grown to now have 100 hectares of vines in Bardolino, Valpolicella and Soave. 

The relationship between land, history and tradition has always represented the production philisophy, whilst accepting any necessary innovations to ensure the best quality in each bottle of wine.

They have a commitment to the environment, with efforts including limiting the amount of artificial pest and weed control products used throughout the vineyares and therefore intentionally planted shrubs and trees, on the edges of the vineyards, that were deliberately chosen to attract beneficial insects and therefore enabling pests to be kept under control. Additionally, they have started to seed plants such as pea, vetch and clovers to act as natural fertilisers in between  the rows of vines, and in some vineyards they opt for mechanical weeding. 

The company also choose to use light weight glass bottles for almost all wines and ensure that everything that is used daily in the winery in production purposes (in all areas) can be recycled.

In 2011, the new winery just outside of Bardolino was completed, which was designed to be energy self-sufficient, using solar panels that provide more energy than what is actually used. They have also chosen to use outdoor fermentation tanks for red wines, using the sun's energy to reach the necessary temperatures, as well as using a gravity system to bring transport the must from the receiver to the fermentation tanks, and using water from their own well in the production. Additionally, in 2016, a further purchase of a 4 hectare vineyard on the hillside of Rocca del Gardo that is organically certified, was made.

Country: Italy | Region: Veneto | Alcohol: TBC | Grapes: Corvina | Family Producer