Jaubert Bordeaux Blanc 2023 75cl


Tasting Note

This is a delight. Like rolling down a hillside on a hot summers day then crashing into someones picnic and ending up with your face in a bowl of fruit salad! You get grassy aromas galore, hints of citrus peel, then a touch of tropical fruit on the end.

If you download the 'Smart Bottle' app, the story of winemaking comes to life when you point your phone at the camera!


Established back in the 1970s, Raymond Jaubert would fill the boot of his car with wine and travel around Perigord delivering them. Now a winemaker and a negociant, Xavier Jaubert produces outstanding wines at a superb price point.

Country: France | Region: Bordeaux | Alcohol: 12% | Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon