Keep Wines Delta White 2021 75cl


Tasting Note

An unusual blend of 50% Gruner Veltliner, 25% Pinot Gris and 25% Chardonnay: a fab fresh and frisky white for Summer 2020! A little honeysuckle and jasmine on the nose, chalky freshness, with a fuzzy peach skin and apricot palate, river rocks and a salty lime finish. This blend would be known in Austria as gemischter satz."


Although based just outside Napa, there’s something distinctly non-trad Napa about what husband and wife and collaborative wine making duo Jack and JJ produce. “Wines made from interesting cultivars, from interesting vineyards!” There’s certainly no doubt about that, with their range including a still red Pinot Meunier, a no added SO2 Counoise, and an Austrian influenced white.

Jack and JJ both come with quite the wine making pedigree, with Jack having worked as assistant winemaker at Matthiasson Wines for many years, and JJ being an alumni of The Scholium Project and Broc Cellars. Like all our producers, farming and attention to the land is a priority, with Jack farming a few vineyards himself organically, and all others they buy from being certified. Winemaking is with a light hand and without additives, with the exception of SO2 in small quantities.

If you are wondering where the name “Keep” comes, look at the crest on the label. It is a depiction of Beverstone Castle, a 10th century Norman stronghold in Gloucestershire, where Jack’s father was raised. All that remains of the castle today is what you see on the crest, the moat and the tall keep (from the middle English “kype,” or barrel. This was the defender’s last resort in a siege, and where they stored their most precious possessions, especially their wine!

Country: USA | Region: Sonoma County, California | Alcohol: TBC | Grapes: Merlot | Organic | Low Sulphur | Sustainable