Kings Hill Gin 70cl


Tasting Note

Who are we kidding - you are buying this for the bottle, not the gin. Fortunately the gin is delicious!


These gins take inspiration from a brave gamble long ago between King Robert the Bruce and Sir William "The Crusader" Sinclair in an area of the Pentland hills which now overlooks their still. They were here tracking a rare white stag when the King staked his entire Pentland estate against the life of Sir William that he would be the first to capture this stag. Sir William won the bet, with the help of his trusty hounds, Help and Hold, and in return, named the sport where King Robert stood "King's Hill". 

Founded in 2017, these gins capture the essence of the area, being bold, beautiful and marvellous. They use local botanicals, from the abundance of diverse natural resourses, to create a perfect harmony and distill the gins in a traditional copper alembic still, named "Marion". 

Country: Scotland | Region: Pentland Hills | Alcohol: TBC