Laudun Chusclan Vignerons Grenache Rouge 75cl


This Southern Rhone grape is known for delicious, all rounder wines, but that would not do it justice. The complexity of this wine puts a teenager to shame, but unlike aforementioned youth, this has got its **** together and is a really well balanced, interesting entity."

Lying on the aluvial flood plain of the Rhone river, Laudun-Chusclan is in fact a voluntary amalgamation of 2 much older cooperatives that have been working together since 2008 to better achieve their goal of excellence. The current cooperative encompasses over 200 winegrowers and makers and over 40 site staff who contend with everything else from administration to bottling and labelling. All the vineyards who work with Laudun- Chusclan are committed to sustainable farming practices. This cooperative is not only passionate about its wines but about the people who come together to make them. They are always keen to show new and young winemakers the ropes and often put plots up for them to look after themselves. They hope this almost apprenticeship-like scheme will help secure the best possible future for their wines by passing knowledge and techniques down through the generations.