Le Morette Lugana Mandolara 2023 75cl


Tasting Note

Bouquet is pleasant and fresh, with flower sensations. End of bitter almonds. You REALLY should be drinking more Lugana - it is one of Italy's hidden gems.


Founded by Gino Zenato in the early 60’s, the company was originally born as a vine nursery for the production of vines intended for viticulture. From the very beginning, Gino also started producing his own wine as a first-hand test of his nursery activity.

In 1981 Gino’s son, Valerio, stepped into the company and enriched the production with wines of strong character. Thanks to his efforts, he was recognised for his achievements and set the company toward a quality production. His wines stood out for their marked minerality, structure and by a strong identity showing all the characteristics of its terroir, revisited according to an elegant and refined style. Caratteristiche tipiche del territorio, interpretate secondo uno stile elegante e raffinato.

Fabio and Paolo, the third generation of winegrowers, continue the family tradition with the same passion and enthusiasm as their grandfather, managing the business side by side with Valerio and looking forward to a future of new challenges and new markets. Today, the company includes several plots in the areas of Peschiera, Desenzano and Pozzolengo and it’s well rooted in solid family traditions.

Le Morette is considered one of the historic wineries of the Lugana DOC appellation, being in the territory for over sixty years now. The new winery, first opened 10 years ago, is now about to be expanded in order to provide adequate spaces for the new bottling facility, reflecting the winery’s focus on innovation and production efficiency while ensuring the most authentic expression of its territory.

Producer's Story

"The Morette (Aythya fuligula) are a distinctive species of diving duck that nests in the small Frassino Lake. It’s a bird that once you could see every day during the nesting season and today it can still be spotted just a few steps away from our winery.

With their mutterings and rumblings, the flight of these extraordinary birds beat the time of our founder Gino Zenato ‘s days in his vineyards. Gino and his family lived in this exact place, on the western shore of the little lake. This is where he first started the production of vines, his first vineyards, and the actual production of wine.

The choice fell on this particular animal as a symbol of our winery not only because of its elegance, but more importantly because of its meaning: the bond to our land and the the deep respect for Nature and care for the environment we have."

Country: Italy | Region: Veneto | Alcohol: 12.5% | Grapes: Turbiana