Lindores Abbey Distillery Friar John Cor Chapter 2 70cl


Tasting Note

Mellow ripe banana, honeycomb, apricot, and fresh pastry aroma.  A beautiful combination of fruity red apples, peaches, and layers of winey touches. A rich palate, fruity dates, apricots and spicy cinnamon with figs, prunes, blood orange, nutty almonds, and waves of vanilla.  Extremely silky texture.  Well balanced and complex.

Just 12 bottles available, and available from 15th Feb 2023

Producer: From the home of whisky, Lindores Abbey! It was at Lindores Abbey that the first documented evidence of whisky was produced, and this is the first general release malt from the new distillery there.

Country: Scotland | Region: Lowlands | Alcohol: 60.2%