Lost Loch Spirits Singular Series Rum Vanilla Infusion 50cl


Tasting Note

A delicious carribean rum with a constant, gentle, vanilla note mixing with the molasses, cola and fruit flavours.


Owned and operated by Pete Dignan and Rich Pierce, the plan for the distillery was hatched, as many great ones are, during a late-night drinking session.What is important to them is the place, the process and the spirits.

The distillery was built on the banks of the now drained Loch Auchlossan (the Lost Loch), and the landscape and history that surrounds them are further seeped into the storytelling, the flavours and the branding.

Lost Loch Spirits uses a small batch mentality when producing, in order to maintain the highest standards in an honest and open way. They only use natural ingredients and aim to search for local produce where they can, maintaining respect to the environment. In this manner they also ensure that a large percentage of the heat and power needed in the distillery process is sources from a solar array, biomass boiler and a wind turbine. They combine tradition with the practice of modern production techniques.

Each small batch spirit is throughtfully created and draws inspiration from local sources and the history of the area surrounding them. Character is created and ensures that the final products are fun, quirky and invigorating. Their philosophy is to be inventive in their thoughts and to look at history for inspiration while producing enticing and unique spirits.

Country: Scotland | Region: Aberdeenshire | Alcohol: TBC