Miroglio Soli Pinot Noir 2020 75cl


Tasting Note

After a year away, this comes back onto my shelf - one of the best value Pinot Noirs in the world. Bulgaria is perfectly suited to this delicate grape, PLEASE don't let where it comes from put you off. Fresh, bright and full of raspberry and strawberry flavours, this is a class act.


Wine lover Edoardo searched high and low to find the perfect spot to grow Pinot Noir in Bulgaria. The piece of land he chose is on the eastern side of the Thracian Valley, with the Saint Ilia hills shade the area from the freezing Baltic winds while a natural lake nearby regulates the temperature. But Miroglio is no fool, he has had extensive tests and research done just to confirm his theories. He purchased the land in 1998 and by 2004 they had produced their first vintage.

Country: Bulgaria | Region: Thracian Valley | Alcohol: TBC | Grapes: Pinot Noir | Organic | Contains Sulphites