Naughton Cider Company Lanthorn Craft Cider Cider Apples 2021 50cl


Tasting Note

A lovely blend of eating and cooking apples, fermented and then finished in an oak barrel before being lightly carbonated. Light, crisp, fresh with subtle sweetness from the eating apples, before the tartness of the cookers kick in to give a sherbet like finish. A super every day dry cider.


I've known Peter Crawford for 20 years, we used to work at Oddbins together. He found a love of Champagne very early on and is one of the leading, if not THE leading, expert in Champagne in the UK. Returning to his family farm in Scotland, Peter can't make Champagne, but can grow apples and make cider, which is what he has done. All his ciders are very vinous - think of them more as apple wines than a bottle of Scrumpy!

Country: Scotland | Region: Fife | Alcohol: 6% | Apples: Various, both cooking and eating